Ak Bikinis is a swimwear brand founded in 2021 that aims to create quality, and trendy swimwear for girls. The brand is based, and was founded in Stockholm, Sweden.
The idea behind Ak Bikinis came to CEO, Amanda, when she realized just how difficult it was to find trendy and cheap swimwear that still was of high quality. Like other young girls, Amanda couldn’t name one single company that met her criteria and requirements that she needed a bikini to have. That’s why Ak Bikinis focuses on creating simple but trendy swimwear that fills in the missing piece that exists on the market today: finally there is a product that holds excellent quality without breaking your wallet!

After deciding on a look for our bikinis, we released a sample sale, which got an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Therefore, we are super pleased to now have created a website dedicated to our swimwear!
You can follow our journey on instagram: @akbikinis